Choices to throwing away our last ounce of dignity

>>  Tuesday, July 12, 2016

In or Out became David or Boris

Neither, oh crickey, look I'm in and if that means dancing with the devil then fine.

Oh Boris won, oooook then.  Dave?  Dave mate, where are you.......*tumble weed*

Boris or Gove, oh come on we all know Gove is c......Boris, Boris mate where are you ...... *tumble weed*

Ok then...Theresa or two women no one voted for, in a party the majority of this country didn't vote for...FFS...I mean no one is going to put a person with only 6 years experience of being an MP in charge of the country....that would be a country currently on it's arse.....would they?

No, they didn't actually get the opportunity to decide.  Andrea, like so many of the other political self-serving liars, dropped out and left a person no one voted for as the leader of a party the minority in this country voted for, to handle a brexit only half of the country voted for.  Well that's democracy for you.

It's ok though, what with the £350million about to come charging back into the country on a white steed to save the NHS, I mean they wouldn't have lied about that would they...Oh, sorry yes Farage said it wasn't actually true.....and then left to go back to his post as an MEP with his £100,000+ income.

Dining out on an electorates stupidity it would seem.

The Labour party instead of stepping into the breach have fallen apart at the seams, instead of helping their leader to lead they back-stab and in-fight. The Liberals appear to no longer exist.  And the Scots yell 'freeeeeeeeedom' from the sidelines as they are prone to doing in any period of English angst across the centuries.

So the country chose to create a slump in the pound, economic uncertainty when we were only just moving away from recession and the rats in politics chose to leave the sinking ship.

At the time of the last Olympics I was so proud to be British and now....well we are the laughing stock of Europe, the butt of the Commonwealth jokes and  no one else in the world will ever look at us the same way again.  We threw away our last ounce of dignity with the referendum.  I'm not sure I will ever fully recover, and I'm confident nor will our country.


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