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>>  Friday, April 29, 2016

 HWMBO bought me a falconry day for Christmas.

It was a full day with lots of different birds.  We were a fairly small group of people so there was plenty of hands on opportunities.

There were a lot of birds there to be seen and held.

From tiny owls to the largest owls.  Hawks, falcons and eagles.

Some of them were characters.

My favourite was the peregrine falcon.  It was gorgeous.

And very fast

 And not prepared to share it's quail with anyone.

We had a rustic lunch, some with better table manners than others.

Boxed up the ferrets

And headed off into the fields with the dog, ferrets and a couple of hawks, as you do.

It was lovely walking along with the hawks for company.

 I kept saying in my head "say your pwayers wabbit"  but the group of people I was with did not strike me as having grown up on a diet of Elma Fudd and I decided they were thoughts best kept to myself.  Very hard work for me.
 At one point the group behind the leader, myself and another guy was being rather loud and the leader told them to shush as we were close to the rabbit set.  I wanted to say sooooo badly "Shhh, be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits"
 There were also a pair of red kites hovering above us for most of the time, I wondered if they were hoping we would flush something out for them but they wouldn't take the big rabbits like harrier hawks.  I think we were just lucky to see them too.

In true bugs bunny tradition, the rabbits we flushed out and the birds chased managed to get away and will fight another day.

It was a perfect day, if bone shatteringly cold, I would do it over again in a (cold) snap.


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