Temporary Mehndi with Rangers

>>  Saturday, February 13, 2016

As part of the Midlands Arts Explosion Challenge we did temporary Medhndi

You will need:
100ml PVA Glue 
Dark brown oil paint/or craft paint
Disposable piping bags
Disposable gloves
Plastic cups and spoons
Piping nozzles (if you have them)

Mix the PVA glue and paint together.  The Rangers had a generous amount of each in a plastic cup, stirred with a plastic spoon and they poured it into the piping bags once mixed.

They did use pipping nozzles rather than just snipping off the end of the bags as it gave better control.  Pipe the design onto the palm (or back) of a hand.

I gave them some pictures of popular designs and off they went. 

The mixture dries in place.  And afterwards you can have all the fun of peeling it off.  It doesn't leave any staining on the skin.

A couple of the girls chose to use the surgical type gloves I had taken with me so they didn't get the mixture on their hands.  The designs were pipped onto the gloves they wore.
They all enjoyed the relaxed evening and just messing around with paints.  This is a nice activity for a phase 1 Look Wider International. 

(Mehndi is a decorative art popular in the Indian subcontinent. It is used as a temporary tattoo by women celebrating at parties and weddings. It is usually applied as a paste made with Henna dye and piped in an intricate pattern using a piping bag. When the paste is dried, it is brushed off leaving the pattern in Henna staining the skin.)


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