Cleaning thinking day pennies the lazy way

>>  Friday, February 19, 2016

I bought brasso but really couldn't face cleaning 100 pennies one by one.

When I was a brownie I used to put my thinking day pennies in a saucer of brown sauce, leave them for a while but you still had to give them a bit of a rub and then there was the messy washing them off.  Again, I didn't fancy it much.

So to plan C.   A bottle of coke.  If you knew the things this stuff cleans you'd never drink it again.

I poured coke over the dull as dishwater pennies and left them a day.
And with a swift rinse, most of them were as shiny as something that's really shiny.
Except the ones that must have been stuck together that still had dirty patches.

So they got another day bathed in 'the real thing'

And hey presto.

Coined cleaned.

(You can use it to clean the loo with too you know!!)


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