How to avoid losing camp kitchen kit

>>  Wednesday, January 20, 2016

It's been a problem for many years that I come back from camp with less kitchen kit than I went with, especially when the place you are going to is 'part stocked'.  Wise Owl will sigh year after year when I proclaim yet again that the eggy bread tongs are no longer in the brownie kit and then when we arrive back at the pack holiday house the following year I pull a number of tongs out of the drawers and say, these are all ours you know!!

I had started to suffer the same thing losing my own personal stuff as it mixed with the Ranger kit. (I always end up throwing my own scissors or knives into the camp kit just before we go, as I know I will regret it otherwise when trying to chop vegetables with a blunt knife.)

And then I remembered, from many years ago finding some stickers that were the best ones I'd ever known.  They just don't come off.  It was the end of losing Cog's school 'artefacts'.

So I ordered some for the Ranger unit and thought I'd take my chances with them being used over an open fire and with pans that are scrubbed hard.

And they survived.  I could say to the Rangers 'all our kit is labelled please put it back in our box, the labelled one'

......and then I'd go through the camp kitchen boxes after they'd washed up and move all our stuff back into our box (just because I say it to them, doesn't mean they listen!!)

Whilst these weren't on an open fire they were on large gas burners and the stickers were as good before and after full punishment from the heat then the scrub clean (the stickers came with a 10 year dishwasher guarantee - like we would be so lucky on camp!).

I've labelled everything from the mallets to the lanterns, knives to the gas rings, washing up bowls to event shelter bags.  It's amazing how much kit seemed to 'wander' - hopefully this is going to help it be returned to its correct owners if borrowed or genuinely lost and left behind!

(I went for the black and white normal sticker tags - not the clothes ones, I think I'm saying this mostly to remind myself when I come to make another order in the future! So whilst this sounds like I've been asked to say all this, I haven't - they don't know about it and it's more a reminder to myself and a bit of help for other Guiders)

Happy 'Keep Your Kit' Camping!


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