Am I lonely if I generate experiences in order to share them?

>>  Friday, October 23, 2015

The short media clip "The Innovation of Loneliness" is very interesting.

I often wonder whether my time spent on social media is at the detriment of 'real life'.  I am very guilty of using text instead of the phone to interact with people, it's almost like I'm moving real life friendships into the social media zone.

I'm not sure how I feel about his statement "We are faking experiences so we have something to share, so we can feel alive."

How is 'fake' defined?  Does he mean just lying about what we are doing or have done or is he refering to generating experiences so we have something to share?  Is generating experiences a bad thing?

There are many things I have done over the past few years that I wouldn't have done if I didn't have this blog. I am a home bird, I find doing 'new' stuff a bit of a challenge, we all do I guess, but some are more able to embrace the challenge than others.

Sometimes I have reluctantly embraced an opportunity whilst saying to myself "If nothing else,  it will give me something to blog about".  Usually I am so pleased I did it, the blog forces me to push myself a little harder to do a little more.  I am generating experiences in order to share them.

Yes, it would be better to have the confidence to just go do stuff, but I've always needed a push, a little encouragement.  If I can abseil whilst thinking "one for the blog" does it matter?  I had the experience, exactly the same experience as the next person that walked down the wall, except they may have squealed slightly less!

I don't like spending a lot of time alone, I'm a chatter box, I like to talk to people about the experience I am having. But luckily I will talk to any Tom, Dick or Harry.  When I visited Donna Nook, I spoke to many of the other visitors, some looked at me like I was the idiot on the bus, some were happy to talk.

I went to see a show in London alone once (I've done it a few times since), I found it quite strange not having someone to talk to about it.  Problem soon solved, there was a lone lady behind me, I talked to her during the interval .  These days, I wonder if I would still talk to her or would I talk to twitter?  Would my need for company be as satiated by social media.  I'm not sure truth be told.

Is the use of social media leaving me even less able to be alone with myself, less able to spend time listening to my own thoughts?  It's definitely sucking up time I used to have doing other stuff, but is it less valuable?

Have a look,  see what you think:


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