We made it - school's out

>>  Sunday, June 14, 2015

 Cog had her last day in uniform at school. 12 years of going to school in uniform and it ended on a wet day.  Me watching her walk into a school yard as I have done so many times across the years.

I was a bit sad about it.
 She was not!

She would not stand still for the camera but you can clearly see her joy.

"There were loads of people crying and hugging" she said "I was just glad to be out of there"

She has said that at every school ending, I think she has 'come of age' at exactly the right transition time every time and always been glad to move on.  She handles big change like this well.  Small changes like going out 5 minutes late or early she hates, but ma-hoo-sive things phase her not.  Strange child.
 Slowly but surely as exams have come and gone the revision wall has shrank.
 She did well knuckling down and sticking to the plan with very little nagging.
 There have been different posters all around the house.

I've learnt a lot whilst brushing my teeth.

Slowly they have come down and different rooms have returned to normal.

 And the final exam came and was ticked off

 The charts came down.

 The lesson time table came off the wall.

And the best investment we made this year, finally sat quiet with no tapping keyboard or turning pages.

The horse magazines are now bought and pages softly turned, ear phones in, social media reinstalled on every device and she's wondering what on earth to do with herself next week.

Oh bliss.

I know it will only last a few weeks before the pressure tap turns on again, but for now, pass or fail, she deserves the rest.

That'll do pig, that'll do.


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