Gendarmenmarkt and the Französischer Dom Berlin

>>  Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Gendarmenmarkt is where the
Konzerthaus is in Berlin.

Seemed like a great place for a photo moment.

We hadn't seen many people all day until I wanted a photo.

My look says precisely how I felt about them.

I got my moment.

Although I appear to have dressed in the dark.  Coordinated was not my friend that day.

We couldn't go inside the Französischer Dom as they were preparing for a concert but you can go up the dome.  It was well worth it.

For the views.

For the surprise of the new brick work inside,

And to see the carillon. I had no idea it was up there until we got to it. HWMBO'd is a clever chap, he told me what it was and how it worked.  I have no idea how he knew that.

If you want to see the area in it's full glory, have a play with this website.


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