Marriage isn't about sex - not even same sex

>>  Friday, May 29, 2015

How many of your friends are gay?

I don't know how many of mine are. A few of them I do know about obviously but I guess many I don't.  But then I don't know how many are into S&M either. I'd just don't need to know, I don't need the image of you stood on your Ann Summers finest. I just don't need it!

I think discussing sex and preferences amongst friends is like discussing politics, its a recipe for a lot of teeth sucking or the inevitable awkward silence.  I don't want to discuss it with my male friends, it's too easy construed as a come on 'what's your favourite position then?' I don't really want to discuss it with my female friends, there's more interesting stuff to cover in the short amount of time we find to see each other. I'm much more at ease with 'he's still not mowed the damn lawn' than 'you'll never guess what he did last night...'

I think about a stadium full of people, there will be a smattering of most sexual preferences on offer...the familiar, the 'blimey I've never done that',  the 'really?!' There will be people with same sex preference, multi-mixed-... oh the variations are endless. And no doubt there will be the odd illegal (children/animals) in there too....see I told you, best not to think too hard about other peoples just leads to awkward.

I like to think of my friends more in terms of skills. The one who makes me laugh. the one who makes me feel better,. The one who I have never met, who lives at the other end of the country and yet knows before I've got to character 140 that I'm in need of a friendly word.

After all marriage isn't about sex. Let's be honest that initial rush of up all nighters and start again in the morningers doesn't last for ever. If  partnership were just about sex no one in their right mind would ruin it by getting married!

I have huge doubts about any government or its representatives that don't see equality as necessity for all its citizens. A society that doesn't strive for equality is a child of  nazism and there are dark places it could wind its way to.


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