Richard III day trip in Leicester

>>  Thursday, April 16, 2015

We went as a Ranger Unit to 'do' Richard III as part of the Leicestershire Guiding Richard III challenge badge.

We went to see the happenings as a family in the summer of 2013.  And it's all gone jolly upmarket since then!

His statue has been moved from its place in Castle Gardens to in front of the Cathedral and visitor centre.
I know it makes sense but I was surprised nothing had been left in its old place as a marker.  I'm rather pleased we got our before photos when we did!

Car park 2015
The new visitors centre has been very well done, a real quality build, mixing clean modern lines with reverence and dignity fitting a King.

The dug up car park area is preserved in a very fitting way.

Car Park 2013
Again, I'm really pleased I saw the before and after.
The old memorial stone from the Cathedral is also now at the visitors centre.

The tomb stone is now in the cathedral in it's place.

This tickled me. Basically it's the church's polite way of saying

yacan take a pik-chor
but we've gorra bag on now, just pack in takin' ya fizzogg with the tomb coodya, we ain't purrin up wi it
ta me ducks"

The cover for the coffin is really intricate and worth reading the detail of what it all represents.

Unfortunately (and fortunately) a lot of the volunteers were Guiders (in mufti) and because I was in uniform they stopped me to talk.  Which I loved, but means I'll have to pop back another day to read all the detail as the Rangers were headed out the door before I was half way round!

We headed off to do the trail that you can download or buy at the centre for a £1.  Turns out it's a walk I've done with my own parents many times and dragged Cog around on a Sunday around a few times too including the  'I will not pretend to be a King going into battle' day!

Here's something I learnt on the trail (completely unrelated to Richard III): Chaucer was married at St Mary de Castro.  How did I manage to miss that snippet all these years!

Not missing it this time meant I got left behind again!

I totally recommend a visit to the Richard III visitor centre and the Cathedral, I'd pull in a visit to the Guildhall too if you've never been, have a walk around the Lanes and a spot of lunch, I still recommend Cafe Piero on Loseby Lane for their Casablanca tea, falafel or omelettes.

The trail?!  Hmmm maybe! We had a laugh, mostly at the trail talking about how Richard III might have looked upon something that was on that spot before it was flattened and replaced with another historical building which was also flattened.  I mean we are talking about a city that knowingly put a car park over a King and then forget where he was - yes, there used to be a stone in the garden that marked the spot but Lest-oh has never much worried about looking after history.

It seems like we are now starting to make an effort and it's all beginning to look rather nice.


Addy 1:55 pm  

Leicester was my old stomping ground. I must get up there one day!

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