Marchpane (marzipan) sweets and Marshmallow flowers

>>  Friday, March 27, 2015

We carried on the Richard III challenge making marchpane sweets.

Marchpane was eaten by Tudors and marzipan is close as you will be without making it yourself.  (I made it once at Hampton Court Palace)  It is ground almonds, pounded sugar and rose water.

We rolled small balls of marzipan into petit-four cases.

Squished another piece flat and used a fondant cutter (£2 for 3 at a local shop) to make the flower shape.

They painted them with food gels and decorated further with gold stars (sprinkles from sainsburys) and gold shimmer spray.

The Tudor court used real gold leaf.

 They came up with some lovely designs

We also had a go at marshmallow flowers, just for fun.  I have to say these were so hard and very sticky.  You have to use cornflower on your fingers to stop yourself getting into a complete mess, but the results for me were mostly disaster!

This tutorial shows how it should be done:


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