Bushcraft training for Guiders

>>  Sunday, March 08, 2015

 You will recall I was a very happy Guider to get a Ghillie kettle for my birthday.  So I was not going to pass by the opportunity for some training that involved using one.

These are Kellies but the concept is the same.  The fire pots next to them are interesting: Ikea cutlery holders and pan stands.

They were very effective.

We had knife training and I am now the proud owner of a grand knife.

With which I learnt to make kindling wood.

I've been using pine cones in my Ghillie but curling wood is very addictive.  I can see the Rangers enjoying it.

I was introduced to Tinder Paper.  To be honest it doesn't seem as good as vaseline and tampax or just corn chips but worth a play.

I learnt to use a fire steel...

... and got one of my own, which my kitchen floor is not best pleased about.

I was not a whizz on the day though, and failed to get my Kelly boiling.
In fairness the weather was pretty hard going, and rained hard during my fire making attempts.

Cold and windy for the sawing.

And just plain cold for the axing.
But we got to eat sugary stuff and as all Guiders know, that's what matters most.

An absolutely fantastic day.  I've learnt a lot and I'm ready to pass it on.

'Bushcraft' I think is a fancy new term, to me it just seems like fun Guiding the way it used to be.

PS this is now on my birthday list.


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