New Year Party - Horse Racing, Roulette and Cards

>>  Friday, January 02, 2015

After going out to a big party last year, this year we were back to another 'small' party at our house.

Last time was the Wine Tasting and Pub Quiz at home night

This year I went for a horse racing game on a DVD.

You are shown the form, bet on the horses and shout your way through the race then collect your winnings (Or if you were me, you just pouted a lot as you lost every time!!)

I gave everyone a pot of (fake) cash at the start of the evening to be used initially for the horse racing.
 But then we had to buy chips with our winnings (or meagre left overs) for a few games of roulette.
 I got a really good wheel with a mat, chips and a rake.

It was really entertaining.
 The all important pop the corks, party popper, auld lang syne moment happened (does anyone in England actually know the words to that?!)
And the gambling recommenced.

With a move to black jack when the stakes started to get carried away and I continued to lose badly.

Luck was not even close to being a short skirted, bare legged, staggering female out on the razzle let alone a lady for me.
But I finally found my skill level with New Market and we played on until about 4:30am.

Another very successful New Year with the best of friends.

Just the way it should be.


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