Chocolate Reindeer food craft

>>  Saturday, December 20, 2014

 These have gone down a treat (in the making and the eating) with every age range in Guiding.

The Rangers were very excited as I pulled the bag of 'bits' out.

"Oooooh are we making reindeer? We made those with Brownies/Rainbows, yeah! I get to do my own"

They like to do stuff like this with teg units they help out at but also alone so they can just chill, do, eat.

You need:

A chocolate covered cake roll (I used cadburys mini-rolls because they were on special!) for the body.
Chocolate mint sticks for legs
a rollo for the face
a smartie for the nose
silver balls for the eyes
then for the antlers more mint sticks/twiglets or pretzels.

(The face and nose were 'glued' on with Betty crocker chocolate icing - because I was too lazy to mix up any home made butter icing or get together the stuff for the Rangers to make it.  Melted chocolate would stick it too or even just a glace icing I would think)


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