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>>  Sunday, October 05, 2014

 This was my first time as Guider in Charge in a field.

We stayed in Pods (wooden structures a bit like a nice shed, no electric but no tents required.)

Even without tents my poor little mini was bulging at the seams, a car for camping it is not!
There was a general shelter already pitched that had some tables in it.  Told you were were glamping!

We put up balloons as one of the Rangers was turning 18 and Cog got to sit down for a while rather than pitching tents.
 Glamping Ranger style though may not be quite what you are imagining.

We started the afternoon with a Ghillie versus Trangia boil-off to see who got a cup of tea first!
 I'd been collecting fire-starter ideas and put together a box for them containing matches (obviously), fireblocks (for my personal Ghillie use!), Doritos, tampax, Cotton pads, vaseline and tumble dryer fluff.  They prefered to work with the doritos mostly, and few went on the fire from what I can tell. But they mainly disposed of them Ranger style!

I'm going to get a fire steel for next time and remove the matches (except for Ghillie use - obviously - that provides my cup of tea!)

 They did well with it all, a number of these Rangers went to a Guide Company with a traditional leader that has taught them great camping skills. (They were told post-photo to move the plastic oil bottle and tray off the altar!!)
 I was very happy with my eggy bread and bacon breakfast.  So happy I managed 5ths.  I'll be trying to shift that off my hips until next camp!

The gas burner did come out so the Rangers could 'play' with the new toast making toy, which made the best toast ever apparently.

For me this was a pre-cursor to some events we have coming up that will have to involve taking our own tents, store tents, tables etc - none of which we own, so I will be begging and borrowing (if you have camping gear you want out of your life do let me know.)

The glorious weather (for the end of September) always makes things easier but these Rangers are (mostly) the best end of the Guiding wedge.  They are a great group of really nice, capable girls and spending time with them is actually quite a privilege.


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