Individual Candle Holders

>>  Friday, October 10, 2014

I have made these with Brownies and Rangers.

They are a quick and easy way for a group to all sing a happy birthday or even a guiding light without having to crowd around together.

Tie a (10cm approx) length of ribbon to a polo at the centre of the ribbon.

Tie the ribbon around the centre of a marshmallow.

Push a cake candle into the marsh mallow.

Simple as that.

The rangers passed the light from candle to candle around our camp circle.  With Brownies you may want to think about how you manage the lighting in the environment you are in.  Will they be able to pass a light around everyone before the first girl's candle has burnt down?! At our meeting place I would light the leader ones first and send them out into the circle to get them lit quickly.

Remember to tell the brownies to keep their hair out of the way and perhaps have a bowl of water close by for them to drop the candle into after they have blown it out (or for any 'ouch that was hot brown owl' fingers!)

A 5 minute craft, that leave a lovely happy birthday/this little guiding light feeling behind.


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