Petaloudes (Valley of the Butterflies) Rhodes

>>  Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Valley of The Butterflies or Petaloudes is on the north west of Rhodes.

There is free parking and it is only 5 Euros per person to enter.

We got there about 9:30 am, the car park was quiet and the day was still cool.

The valley has lots of sweet gum trees which attract jersey moths.

When we first started walking through I saw nothing.
But the area was cool and quiet and very pleasant place to walk regardless of whether there were any butterflies there or not I thought.
But then I started to actually look around me properly and noticed the tree leaves, each had a butterfly (moth) on it.
As did the tree trunks.

In fact I realised everthing was covered in them and when they were flying around in some areas it was like it was snowing there were so many.

As we were walking back down the valley the crowds were starting to arrive and I saw a child pointing at something on a rock.  A crab.  And as I walked I realised they too were everywhere, even on the steps I was walking on.  How did I miss them?

The buses of tourists started to turn up by 10:30 am but they seemed to all head to the upper part of the valley, so we walked the bottom half. There were a lot less people and a lot more butterflies.

There are coffee stops at the top of the top half, the middle, top of the bottom half and a restaurant at the bottom of the bottom!  I liked the one at the top of the bottom half best!!!  It was near a large square expanse of water and the owner was very helpful and happy to help me get the type of coffee I wanted.

There were toilets top, middle and bottom.  There was a mini museum to look at near the restaurant and a lovely Church at the very top.

This is a really nice day out and I thoroughly recommend it.

We were there are the start of August, the life cycle of the Jersey moth is seasonal you need to be there June, July, August to see them flying.


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