Back to school, the uncaring edition.

>>  Tuesday, September 02, 2014

This week's Gallery is school.

It wasn't until I read the theme that I realised I have not taken a photo of Cog going to school this year.  The first time in 12 years.  I was pondering this and realised it's also the first time in many years I've not sat on the stairs and cried after she left home on that first back to school day.

I wonder why.

Partly I think it's because we didn't do anything special the night before, for the last few years we have gone for a walk, packed her school bag, made her pack-up together.  This year she sorted it all before I got home from work and 'couldn't be bothered' to go out.

This is the first year since primary she has worn a skirt for school. They have changed the uniform rules which has annoyed me massively having to buy so much new in her last year.  But she looked lovely on the first day this year (quite similar to this picture taken after she'd come home on the 3rd day, as I still forgot in the morning!)

It appears my door has shrunk.


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