Armpit Fudge and Chocolate Hedgehogs

>>  Friday, September 05, 2014

Armpit Fudge went down really well with the Rangers and it tasted very good too.

You need sandwich sized plastic sealable bags.  (I used sainsburys small sealable freezer bags. I really recommend you spend a little more for the quality so they don't split.)

For each bag you need:

2oz (1/2 cup) icing sugar
1 Tbsp butter (I used a butter spread, easy to scoop out and easier to mix)
2 tsp cream cheese
2 tsp cocoa powder
dash of vanilla essence

Put them all into the bag, squeeze out the air and seal it.
squish and squash it until the ingredients are all well mixed (you can do it under the arm if you like!)

Open bag and sprinkle in any 'toppings' you like - try M&Ms, raisins, chopped nuts etc)

Eat out of bag with a spoon.  (I got a bag of 30 plastic spoons for 99p at a local £1 shop)

We made chocolate hedgehogs on the same night.  They should look like this:

squidge a chocolate mini roll until it is a guey mess, roll into a ball, pinch one end for the face, add chocolate chip spikes and silver cake decoration balls for eyes.

Cute aren't they?!

Unfortunately ours were slightly more roadkill than wildlife loveliness.

I think the chocolate rolls we used were too 'cakey'.  Perhaps chocolate cookie dough would give a better result!

All the same, the Rangers had a great night.  What's not to love about a night of chocolate.


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