Sunrise Swim

>>  Wednesday, August 27, 2014

For our main summer holiday this year, we went back to exactly the same hotel as last year.  A bit of a cop out but Cog was very happy there and a happy teenager makes for a happy mum, makes for a mildly less grumpy HWMBO.

One downside of this hotel is that if you want a particular sunbed, in a particular place, for the day then you need to be up with the Germans to bagsy it.

In fairness there are plenty of sunbeds to go around, it's just if you want the one in the corner, nearish to the pool, under a tree, within a fairly easy stroll to the bar and with a sea view, and close to the ..... etc etc

But there is something really nice about getting up at 6 am when the world is all still (except for German men carrying stacks of towels), the air is warm and gentle.

The sea doesn't have the cold edge when you first go in as you haven't yet baked to blistering in the sun.

And you wait as the first red blob starts to appear.  It grows, gets less red, turns to orange and finally becomes the biting sun pressing the heat against your skin.
 Even teen Cog was happy to roll out of bed and straight into a bikini for a sunrise swim before we headed to breakfast.  And she was happy to do it more than once.

I just don't understand why we were the only people in the sea.  If you are going to roll out of bed of a morning, to secure a sunbed to snooze the day away on, wouldn't you too take the opportunity to savour its best moments.  Ahhhh these Germans, they know not what they miss!!!

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