I can't believe it's not funny.

>>  Sunday, July 13, 2014

No, it's not funny and it's what was in my fridge door.


I showed it to HWMBO and his response was 'what does that represent?'

Excuse me whilst I sit in a corner counting to 11 slowly and trying not to push them into a matching number of orifices and asking him what he thinks they represent now.  Bitter me? Nooooooooo!
But them why would I be?!  Shall I tell you?  Shall I?......

I was sent a pack of Cadbury's marvellous mix-ups.  Marvellous thought I, they will go down nicely whilst I do the Friday twiz.  This picture isn't them. 

The person that opens 3 tubs of butter also leaves empty sweet packets in the sweet cupboard.  I bought a second packet of marvellous mix-ups to replace the first so I could tell you how they tasted.  This picture isn't them. 

That packet also emptied.

This is the 3rd packet that forced me to yell 'do NOT eat them until I find the camera, DON'T EAT THEM' immediately on return from the shops. 

I conclude that they taste good enough to have to yell at the family to leave them alone. 

Should any other sweet company decide to send me tasty treats please hide them in a box marked 'rats tails' or 'cochroach legs'.  Thank you muchly.


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