Learning the Octants - Octant Beetle

>>  Thursday, June 05, 2014

The Senior Section Look Wider program is made up of eight octants each split into 3 phases. For the new girls coming in it can be a bit of a jungle especially getting the balance of what they can do for each phase of each octant.

The new Look Wider resource is fantastic but the girls still need to understand or at least be a little enthused about it.

No better way to enthuse a Ranger than with food.

Sweet and biscuit build a beetle.

To get your body part you have to throw the dice, and if you get the right number, give an example of how you can achieve that octant.

Then pick your body part up with chops sticks, some had more inventive ways of using chop sticks than the traditional method!

The chop sticks just give it a twist of fun and learning a new skill - which we used towards a phase one international octant.

You slowly build your beetle

It lent itself to be quite an artistic night too.

Overall a cheap and fun way to (re)introduce the Look Wider program.

It was a successful night.


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