Our Chalet Pin and Challenge Badge

>>  Wednesday, May 14, 2014

This week's gallery is 'Up close and personal', 'make sure you are zooming right in.'  I can't normally be bothered with the faff, but for this theme I got out my 'good' camera and went to manual mode.

I've was on a very special trip last week to an amazing place. 

This is the most special part of that journey and any Guide that owns this pin will understand why.

We worked hard all week to earn the Our Chalet Challenge badge.   The keyring is my own happy memory.
The pilgrimage to the wood carvers is an important part of this trip too.  Guiders that have been will know what is on the underside of the woggle and at the bottom of the trefoil badge.

And whilst it may not seem 'close up', in terms of the vastness of the scenery around this is a close up of Our Chalet and this photo will also be the most special to me.    I went for a walk alone one evening out past the magic tree and through the woods.  This was the view of Our Chalet as I turned the corner to come 'home'.
I will explain what Our Chalet is in my next post and why it is such an important place for Guiding.


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