Primary School Services, Muddy Brownies and the best Easter egg ever

>>  Sunday, April 13, 2014

I had the privilege to help the local primary school again with it's Easter services.  3 services at our church, so that all of the school can attend one.  The whole school walk down to the church, it's a bit of a balance about which years go to which service as some year groups get more parents come along than others and if the balance is wrong, one service can have standing room only and at another the church feel a little 'emptier'! 

The wee little foundation stage children are so tiny and need so many parents to help with the walking to and from church, herding cats might be easier.  Whereas many of the year sixes are too cool for school and would die rather than appear to be supervised in the street!

I like it when the year 6s are given a littlie to look after and hold hands with, they suddenly become the most caring, thoughtful children, it's heart warming to see.

The man that does the sermon used to be a teacher when I was at school and he seemed old then.  He is the most engaging man I have ever heard talk and he knows exactly how to talk to children to be informative, get a message across and keep them listening. If only we all could be that good.  I fear he will not be able to do it for much longer, I wish he could go on forever. 

I also got the chance to go back to Brownies for an evening, a Wellie and Chip walk. Across the fields, around the wood and back to the chip shop for chips.  One girls fell over on the mud, she was quite muddy and we all laughed nicely and she was sweet natured about it too, as is her way.  But as we walked round she told me how much trouble she would be in when she got home.  Her mum had washed her uniform that morning and told her if she got dirty she would be made to sit in her room.  Why oh why would a parent wash uniform before a wellie walk to the woods.  I felt really sorry for her.  But there was nothing to be done.

I also won the best chocolate Easter egg I have ever eaten, it was thick chocolate, and went down like silk.  Seriously if you want to give good chocolate this was sooooooo good.

Wait until Easter?! What?!   Nooo, don't be daft, it would have been positively rude not to eat it immediately!


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