End of the world sky

>>  Friday, April 18, 2014

School holidays are hard work. Cog spends much of the day doing very little then when I get home from work, she's keen to get out and about, so I have to play on a work night, which I find tiring.

We went to Sainsburys one evening to buy a new DVD, Catching Fire, it was ironic when we came out that the sky looked precisely like it was doing just that.

It was very strange, the clouds were that heavy grey/brown that makes you think there is a huge storm coming, but there was no wind with it.  And the sunset was in clear stripes of colour.  It's the second I've seen like that this year.

It really felt like it was an 'end of the world' sky.

The next day was just so beautiful, I just had to get out over the fields for a run. Sometimes I just can't believe my own luck at living here.


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