Some Free Time in London

>>  Sunday, March 02, 2014

Following on from our visit to Westminster Abbey we wanted to spend a few free and easy hours around London.

 We went to the Victoria and Albert Museum to see the current Beatrix Potter display "The land, the seasons and the war."

One of my favourite fables "The town mouse and the country mouse" got a couple of pictures.  Lovely fluffy, fat cheeks of the country mouse.
A very 'put out' Peter was there too.

It was lovely reading her letters.  Cog and I spent ages studying them trying to read her hand writing, and reading out loud to each other.  Considering there are only a handful of pictures we spent a long time there.
I love the architecture of the V&A.  I'm happy to just potter around looking at the floors and ceilings, never mind the contents.

There is always something different to look at through every door.  The light coming through this glass made the library so appealing.
I'm never sure whether I like the cafe or not, it's a cacophony of colour and textures, so very busy with writing, tiles, lights, clocks, glass.  It's well worth spending time over a pot of tea taking it all in.

And the rule of architecture, always remember to look up.  so much happens above your head, don't let it go over it!

South Kensington was heaving as it was half-term, families, prams, children, more children, then some extra children.  We walked down the road to Kensington, just for once skipped Harrods and a caught the tube to Covent Garden.  We watched a street performer for a while, and then walked through to Trafalgar Square.
The sun was out so we wandered on.
Sometimes it's worth just going down a road you wouldn't normally walk.  We came across the Royal Tank Regiment memorial statue.  It is captivating.
We wandered over the river.
Along the South Bank and back into Westminster and tube to train home.

A lovely afternoon spent doing not a lot.  Sometimes it's very good for the soul, a mother daughter relationship and the bank balance.


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