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>>  Wednesday, March 19, 2014

This week's Gallery is 'Adventure', which is lucky for me because I was on Brownie pack holiday this weekend.

The tranquil hut is transformed:
Into squeals of excitement as girls arrive, unpack their teddies and save beds for friends.
Into shouts of "my needle's come off again", "I'm in a knot", "arrrrgh, I touched the wet bit", "I did it, YES!", "I've finished."
Into the singing of Grace as leaders desperately try and remember the tune to the one the girls picked for this meal and into the sound of "ooooooo, oooooo" as hands shoot into the air on being asked "who wants more jelly and ice-cream?"
Into the noise of thundering footsteps as the girls stampede in from outside when a drink and fruit break is announced.
Into the whispers of "there's mine, which is yours?" as they crane their necks to see if theirs has been in the oven yet.
Into  the scraping sound as bowls and spoons are licked clean, no talking as bowl scraping is a serious business if you want to get your fair share.
Into happy shouts of "Me first, me first" as the lorry returns the go-karts from their special day away.
Into the distant laughter from further down the scramble and the only clue they were once here, the spinning, swaying tyres.
Into the gasps of "WOW, look at that sky" as they glance up from the craft tables as the sun sets.

It's such a shame I can't show you pictures of happy, chocolately fingered Brownies with eyes full of glee and laughter.

Oh, maybe just one then:

Spider Brownies:


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