Thinking day and Kaleidoscope 2014

>>  Sunday, February 23, 2014

 It was an extra special World Thinking Day for us this year.  In our county we had Kaleidoscope.  400 rainbows, brownies, guides and senior section performing on stage.  I went with a handful of my Rangers to watch it.
Each Division had a decade of Guiding, mine was 1950s.  The Sputnik that caused me and my family so much consternation over Christmas made it's debut.  It looked jolly good!
 We all said our promise together, always a very special moment.  I was moved as our County Commissioner said "will all Guides stand to make their promise" and so many old ladies, not in uniform, Grandmas in the audience watching grandchildren I expect, stood up and retook their promise too. Special, totally special.
 The early decades were very interesting and well performed but I found the 70s, 80s and 90s moved me most.  I was whispering to the Ranger next to me 'I wore that uniform, I cleaned phone boxes too, I did that...."

I loved pac-man
 I felt myself groan as the Jeff Banks uniform came on.  I hated it then and time has not softened that loathing!  The culottes were very practical though!
And the future, where will Guiding be in 100 years time?

I'll have money on it having changed massively to remain relevant to that generation of girls.  Guiding is good at change.  Change to keep giving the girls opportunity, confidence and fun in a way they want to receive it.

Happy Thinking Day.


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