An empty bowl to a cat

>>  Wednesday, February 05, 2014

This week's gallery is food.

My cats believe they are hard done to, starved, poor wee things. 

To my cats this is an empty bowl, apparently.  The yowling for more food starts at this level of tank.

Those of you that have followed my little cat's epic adventures around my vicinity know that they mainly involve me getting calls from random people asking if I know my cat is lost and starving hungry (usually about an hour after I last fed her) or on Facebook status' of local people saying that she is at karate, hula, playgroup, church, guides, theatre group etc disrupting proceedings.  She is a socialite extreme and a player.

When I last collected her from a house at the other end of the village she had been sat at their door crying like she hadn't been fed in a week (the reality being it was about 4 hours) and they were hand feeding the little dear cat treats called dreamies.

In an attempt to stop her straying I bought dreamies.  With much yowling, running up and down and refusals to eat, I have now been trained to place the treats exactly where she insists is the only place to eat them from and in greater volumes they they should be.

The unsuitable biscuits are now left for the fat cat in my life, but I've also noticed little cat now tries to bury the bowls into the tiled floor once she has eaten her fill of wet food.  The noise from this drives me nuts.

Luckily my fat cat is usually happy to hoover everything right up until the bowls are 'empty' and so we return to the first picture of what an empty bowl looks like to my cats.


Big cat, little cat, welcome to cat cafe!


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