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>>  Sunday, December 08, 2013

Will the world stop turning if I don't send Christmas cards?

I don't like Christmas cards.

There, it is said.

I normally try to get them written early November so it is done and I can forget the whole thing and get on with enjoying the season.  This year I have failed to do it and the pile of unwritten cards is mocking me from a corner of the living room.

I don't like displaying cards, they fall over, fill walls, fall off.  Bah humbug.  I don't like the way people open them up and read the messages inside when they are on display.  I find it a strange thing that it is even acceptable thing to do.  One year I had a basket and I put every card into the basket so if any wanted to flick through them they could then I relented and went back to putting them on display.

I am torn between the annoyance they give me, the writing, the displaying, the storing and the guilt trip it leaves me with for not embracing and enjoying the experience.

I am thinking about not writing any this year (except for those I know will be very offended not to get one and will call my mother to ask why!).  And in a warped way I look forward to HWMBO asking the standard daily question as he opens the cards that arrive:

"Did we send them one?"

Yes, it's the season of the Royal 'we' in our house hold.  And I'm truly looking forward to seeing his expression every time I say "no".

That happy thought will have me whistling Jingle Bells right through every card falling off the card rope.


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