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>>  Thursday, December 12, 2013

You might remember I did a post about size 6 being plus size in the modelling industry. 

Plus Model Magazine

I have also mentioned that I regularly give Next catalogue an ear bending about the (lack of) size of the models they use.  It's all standard they tell me, every one does it so that makes it alright. Not in my world of self responsibility it doesn't but hey-ho!

Justin Bieber allegedly called a size 14 girl a beached whale this week.

Here's a size 14.  She's not looking very whale-esque to me.  Damned sexy is what I call her.  But I'm sure Justin knows what he's talking about.  

I came across this interesting site http://sizes.darkgreener.com/  this week.  Plug in your measurements and it'll tell you what size you are in different shops.  I range between a 10 and a 14 depending on which shop it is.  It's no wonder clothes shopping is such a nightmare. 

Cog is struggling with how she feels about her body size at the moment.  She is insistent her thighs are too big.  She's never going to be a stick.  She will be a curvaceous women. More Jane Mansfield than Victoria Beckham.  Clothes shopping with her is hard.  She afflicted with my family genes.  We put the hour in glass.  Beyonce butts are us. I guess by the time she's 40 something she'll finely start to appreciate what she's got, just as the bloom starts to fade.

So Justin wants a skinny piece of the pie?  I think he's missing a trick.  But for the poor young girls left worrying even more about whether they will be called Beached Whales, how do they ever become comfortable with normal, healthy and, lets be honest, sexy when we are faced with the never ending media myths that are underlined by their idols.



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