Saturday, about tea time, 1972

>>  Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This week's gallery is 'a younger me'.

Grandma's.  Saturday tea time.

The clock was wound up once a week, the keys were kept in a special place and it had to be exactly the right amount of turns.  I don't remember how many, but I remember counting.

The pattern on the curtains was a raised velvet.  I wasn't supposed to rub it.

I'm wearing an apron of some sort, so I guess we had eaten, but with the train set on the table, I wonder  whether I had to sit in the kitchen to eat.  I was always colder at the kitchen table and the stools never felt as safe as the chairs at the proper table.

But opposite the kitchen table were the cake tins.  A stack of 3 fawn coloured circular tins, the lid for one made the base for the other.  The top part, with the dome lid,  had fondant fancies in.  If I was really lucky a yellow one with the brown stripes.

Saturday tea time 1972.


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