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>>  Wednesday, October 02, 2013

This week's gallery is "Through the eyes of my phone."

Tara said "for every photo I take on my camera I take about 52 on my phone".  That's not the case for me, I tend to have my camera in my pocket most of the time. My phone is probably capable of taking a better image but I've got to unlock it, open the camera app, wipe the lens, and then click.  My camera is usually on sleep and just 'good to go'. 
So I don't have a stash of phone photos to share with you.  Given that a large part of my weekend has been spent either visiting a sick friend or fully factorising equations (I'm not enjoying helping Cog with her homework much at the moment!), there wasn't an opportunity to go break a habit of a lifetime.

But the whole mobile phone thing is a little annoying really and I think my own habit is bad enough as it is always seeming to yell 'check me, check me' when my mind takes a brief brain break.  I wonder how much of my life is being detrimentally affected by my phone?

I do know how much my life is detrimentally affected by HWMBO's phone.  I play second fiddle to it in all cases.  Whether that is on holiday, at a meal out or even on a train home when we have only just met for the first time that day and met up specifically to share the journey home.

I actually tried this quote on him.  I'm not sure he heard me as he was reading the AFL website at the time.
Sometimes to actually experience life you have to put the phone down, no put it down....down. 
Oh I give up.  
Cog has started riding again recently after a break of a few years.  I have never taken many photos of her riding as I know it would put her off.  I think a fall as a result of me taking pictures isn't worth the risk, so just occassionally having a phone hip shot is the only option.

Can you see what I mean about the dirty lens?!


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