Making fairy wings - it's all in the thigh tension

>>  Tuesday, October 22, 2013

 Yes, you did just read that.  I shall expand (much like my thighs.)

I had the unenviable task of producing thirty sets of fairy wings to attach to dolly pegs.  I'll show you why another day.  But fairy wings (aka double bows) are a bit fiddly if truth be told.

 It took me a while to work out the size.  Not only that looked ok but also meant there would be enough on one 20m roll of ribbon to make enough.

I settled on 60cm (ish).
I tried HWMBO's hand, I tried a spatula, I tried plastic ended tongs, then I discovered old bbq tongs in the back of the drawer.  I tried to tension them with a corn on the cob holder, I tried to tension them with a cork....look, I was just grabbing what was closest to hand!
 But in the end I worked out it was all in the thighs.

Maintaining a steady pressure against the tongs held them at the right width.

To form a bow

That, once fiddled with (bet there's a technical term that also isn't titivated,) produced beautiful bows ready to make our fairies fly.


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