Getting lazy? Maybe just tired.

>>  Saturday, October 26, 2013

I'm struggling.

I woke at 7am, as it's half term I was off work.  I thought about going for a run and I rolled over and went back to a fit full sleep until 8:45.  I got up had some breakfast and took a cup of tea back to bed waiting for Sainburys to deliver the shopping.  I was going for a run after it arrived.

I put the shopping away and woke COG.  I decided my frozen stuff wasn't going to fit.  I defrosted the freezer and found another couple of cubic feet and food from pre-WWII.  I was definitely going for a run now.

I went upstairs to get dressed and lay down for 30 mins or so.

I got up put some washing in and decided I was definitely going out for a run.

I had a snack and another cup of tea.

I gave up fighting it at 1pm and went for a run. It takes me longer and longer to get motivated to do anything.  I hang around social media because it's lazy time instead of getting on with 'stuff'.

I seem to be permanently pooped.

Is it the time of year?  The darker nights?  I've started taking St JohnsWort again, maybe that's playing games with my other medication?  Maybe I'm just getting older.  It doesn't seem to matter how much sleep I have this permanent malaise isn't going away.

I'm as fed up as a really fed up thing though.  My get up and go got up and went and it's left behind a sad shell.

I never like this me.  I need a real pep me up.

I may be treating myself to one of these (and I don't mean the calender!)


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