Microdiscectomy L5-S1 complete recovery (?)

>>  Thursday, September 26, 2013

MRI number 5 has come and gone, so time for an update.

A quick precis of how we got here (the links to all my posts about it are here):

June 2011 very stiff and sore back after a Guide Camp. Visited an osteopath weekly with little relief. Carried on running and circuit training despite advice to rest.

August 2011 unable to walk following either a circuit class, a visit to the osteopath or carrying a lot of milk for yet another Guide Camp, or all three! Excruciating painful sciatica.

September 2011 MRI scan showed herniated L5/S1 and had a root block under x-ray which gave some relief. Stopped all training and running.

Late October 2011 - started running again, also moved heavy furniture. Sciatica returned.

Late November 2011 - In massive pain I think caused by lifting a Christmas tree, another MRI showed re herniation. Epidural a week later. No relief.

Late December 2011 - unable to drive or sit at all, constant leg pain at night. Pain so bad in mornings it was like the worst cramp I have ever experienced with no relief for hours. Another MRI about this time confirmed I needed surgery.

Early Feb 2012 microdiscectomy with no complications.

Late March 2012 reherniation falling a stupid bending movement, surgeon said he didn't think it was, I disagreed.

July 2012 another reherniation confirmed by an MRI but also showing that there really wasn't much material left to leak out and there was no scar tissue.

July 2013 after a year of struggling on I had another MRI to see why I am still in pain.

And the answer.......

There is no reason, I am completely fixed he said.  Hoorah!  So why am I still in bloody pain?!

Seriously, the MRI shows absolutely no leakage at all.  After having seen this herniation 5 times now, I can honestly say it was not there.  There was some scar tissue though.  Where did that come from?  There wasn't any in July 2012, 6 months after my operation. So it has formed only in the past year.  How strange. 

Anyway, he told me to go home happy, that I was fixed and he said there was no reason to worry about my back and what I do now, just keep fit.

I asked him what I was supposed to do with the pain and he still smiled and nodded and said 'nothing I can do, surgery isn't needed, you can go'.  So I asked him if perhaps a root block might help.  He said possibly and I could have one if I wanted one.  Now, I'm not the doctor here, he is but if I hadn't have mentioned it he would have just discharged me.  But he happily put me on the waiting list for a root block.  He said it might take the pain away for a while, forever or not at all.

Last time it did nothing but I had a massive herniation then, whereas this time I guess I have scar tissue irritating the nerve.

So in terms of L5/S1 herniation I am fixed.

In terms of sciaticia I think I have a new journey to embark on.

So here beginneth my sciaticia journey to a pain free life.  I'll keep you updated with how it goes.


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