il pleut

>>  Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I burn. My skin sees sun, it goes red. My feet burn the worst. It hurts. It doesn't matter how much cream I use, I burn. Fact.

 In the UK it's not a problem!  In Australia no one cares much about how you avoid the sun, everyone just seems to understand that it's a good thing. I'm no stranger to walking around under an umbrella there. Lots of Asians with sensitive skin do it and so do I.

So in Greece, I decided to avoid the sun,  but it's hard in areas designed for sun worshippers and it has a habit of moving around...look at the crack of sun inching towards my feet.

The only decent answer is ye old faithful, the brolly. The sun worshippers around found it hilarious "Il pleut, il pleut" they shouted amongst themselves as they laughed at me.  

Oh ha, bloody ha.  Presumably they thought I couldn't speak French.  They'd assumed I was English.  I have no idea why.  Did I not just blend in?!

I tried, honest I did, to put the brolly down sometimes.  But I had to live under a huge cowboy hat then.

I thought maybe India had the answer for a while and tried a scarf, usually pulled up over my head too.  This actually was much better than a hat and kept the sun off lovely.

But mainly I'm happy under an umbrella.

Yes, you may cry 'il pleut' but at least J'ai bien dormi without any sun burn oh manger du fromage singes de rachat.


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