Easy Brownie Evening

>>  Sunday, September 15, 2013

First night back at Brownies and whilst so many other units seem to be sweating over the best way to teach the girls the importance of the new promise we decided to go for a gentler ease in.

I've said it many times before, we are so lucky where we live, we can just let nature take the strain.

Although health and safety sense dictated that when testing a bridge we let Brown Owl take the strain first!

There's nothing better than listening to the light happy chatter of the girls as we just enjoy each other's company. 

Getting out and about together is a great way to vary the program, talking about nature, learning to climb styles safely, close gates properly, how to walk through fields with animals in, how to be sensible by the water, talking about the fish and animals that live in the water, about why swimming in the canal isn't a clever idea. 
There's no lecture just chit chat, the best way to learn.

And a chance to let off some steam running through the fields.

Enjoying a lovely evening together and reforming the bonds from before the summer's break.

The girls form bonds across the age groups, something that doesn't happen naturally in primary school, it helps them with the transfer to the next school group as they have friends in the higher years.  This is not just true for Primary to High School transfer for the Brownies and Guides, it has helped Cog this year with her transfer to Senior School, she has been able to ask questions of her Senior Section peers already at her new school.

Guiding creates bonds, I think walks across the fields helps seal them.

Good for the girls of all ages and good for the leaders too.  Team building.  Well planned Brown Owl.


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