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>>  Thursday, September 19, 2013

Back in 2011 we took a group of Brownies to London for the weekend. I was so stressed before hand I was almost in complete meltdown. But we went and it was great, we even managed to bring them all home again!

To many of you it may seem a minor thing but you have to remember I live in a very small town or large village, depending on how you look at it. Most of these Brownies have never been to London and it's a big thing for them and us.

That weekend away gave me enough confidence to volunteer to be part of a group that took Brownies and Guides to be part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in London and do the most awesome walk ever. To say that was really quite difficult as a leader would be underplaying it massively but it was worth every bead of stress sweat!

So taking our current 8 oldest Brownies to London this time hardly seemed to phase me at all.  Now, before you pat me on the back, I will point out I don't do the organising, our WiseOwl in charge takes that strain, I'm simply there for the ride (although there may be slightly more to it than that!).

This time we went to Westminster first and showed them Big Ben and the sights there, ate our packed-lunch near the Eye and played in the new (?ish) playground there. We caught a boat down the water to the Tower, saw Tower Bridge lift up (perfect timing) and then went to the Science museum by tube to have fun whilst the undecided weather decided.  We caught a bus to Pizza Hut for our evening meal and then the tube up to Belsize Park to stay at the World Guide Centre, Pax Lodge.

There are only 4 World Centres and it's really a very special thing to visit one.  For me to wake up to this view was a special moment for me.
I'm not sure it's significance really sunk into the Brownies but our Young Leaders were excited by it.  3 of them had already been to Our Chalet earlier in the year.  They were very proud to say they had been to 2 in a year.
Guiding opened doors again, and we went to Downing Street.

We went right into the street, right up to the door, milled around, talked to the policemen lots, took lots of photos.  The police have always been fantastic on these visits and share so much information.  This time he was telling us about a bear pit but the young leaders mainly wanted to know what he thought of One Direction when they came to visit.  He was polite enough to share that information just as nicely.
The public don't normally get to see this view of it.
Or stand here.

The police rang us from Buckingham Palace just before we left Pax to say they were really sorry we couldn't go into the grounds to watch the changing of the guard as we had pre-arranged because of an iron man contest on the Mall and would we mind awfully going to the Mews (for free) instead.  I told you the police were lovely.

The Brownies enjoyed it and I loved the way they walked about listening to all of the audio guide, no messing about, no boredom, they really were interested.

It's a shame they didn't get to go to the Changing of the Guard, and yet again we didn't get to see it fully (last time we went it was wet which isn't half so exciting) so I guess we will have to go back again to have another go with another set of girls in a few years time.

But it is worth it, the effort and the money (yes, we pay for ourselves to go) to see this: two little girls straight from the country, first time in London, hot footing it through Whitehall hand in hand.  Oh the places you will go in the future girls....

....these residential trips really are spring boards for confidence for all of us, young and old.


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