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>>  Friday, August 30, 2013

At Wellies and Wristbands I slept inside the training centre on a proper bed because of the state of my back. But the Rangers were given a pitch at the top of a steep hill about as far away as they could be from the main building.

Each morning I got up early and showered in a lovely, long hot shower in my ensuite, but don't mention that to the campers, they get all huffy about these things! and walked up to the camp site, sat with a cup of tea and waited for the world to wake up.

This meant my Rangers got a cup of tea in bed.  It's a way to say thank you for how they help me out with carrying my bag and generally being great girls.

It's lovely just sitting, waiting to hear the first zips of the tents.
There is usually time, especially at large scale events where activities are lead by other volunteers, to sit and chew the fat or perhaps plan a few meeting nights.
It's not just the leaders, the girls like to have time to chill and will seek out a quiet area to do it.  Down time can be as important as up time.
I spotted this leader tucked away between tents having a mid afternoon recharge well there were a lot of bands to be dancing to later!
Each evening as the girls and our other leader bedded down, I walked back to hall.  On the last night the moon was a gorgeous orange.  There were muted conversations coming from tents, torch lights swinging back from the toilet blocks and a dampness coming down in the air.  It's a special part of camp.

On the walk to my tent late on the last night at Charnwood 2011 I saw the longest, clearest shooting star, it summed up everything about how I felt at the time.  I really can't describe what a lovely feeling it is on a dry, warm camp night after the girls are starting to quieten down, but all Guiders that camp will know what I mean.

But sometimes those early mornings, provide the most beautiful moments.

There really is something very special about being out and about, waiting for day of activity and fun to start and yet feeling that you could freeze time just for a while to soak up the tranquillity.

At Wellies and Wristbands Waddow, one lady went around the dry stores on each camp site at about 5:30am and put on the boilers for hot drinks when the campers woke up.  It seems like such a chore and I was so grateful to her but I could wish to be that lady, happy to have nature to myself, just for a while.


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