Pioneering for the Girls

>>  Sunday, July 14, 2013

We had a night out at a local(ish) Scout site and a Scouter and an ex-scouter who is my ex-scouter now brownie guider friend's husband came to teach us the ropes. Literally.

Unfortunately, the phone started ringing in the usual way the day of the meeting as one Ranger after another dropped out.  It is so frustrating that the girls just aren't committed when we leaders are making such an effort for them, but hey-ho that is par for the course in this age range.

I am no knotter and I drove the Scouters mad. Whilst I tried time after time to tie a bowline...

....the Rangers made a carry seat

.....a flag pole

...and chariot racing

I did lace the ropes up after a number of attempts.....the first person to point out the uneven twist at the top gets a poke in the eye with a sharp pole.

It was a good night, it would have been better with more girls.  We are really struggling in numbers now.  I think we are at recruitment or bust stage.


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