Canterbury on the Water

>>  Friday, July 19, 2013

We started our weekend in Canterbury with a punt down the river out into the countryside.

We'd both had a hectic week and it was a long drive into Kent so this was the perfect way to start to relax and wind down the pace.
We had a lovely guy steer us along for 50 minutes for £22.
It was so quiet, the water was crystal clear, it was just perfect really.
We walked up into the main street, where there was an opportunity for another boat trip.

A completely different type, a row boat this time and through the city. 

The young guide was totally entertaining and for £8.50 each was worth every penny.  It gave me a bit of background in history and locations that helped me enjoy different places we visited across the weekend.

It is a lovely city, that feels like a country town, steeped in history so deep and wide it's impossible not to be impressed.

Perhaps the excellent weather helped everything to look so beautiful.

But I suspect I would like Canterbury in the winter just as much.


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