Sands of time

>>  Wednesday, June 05, 2013

This week's gallery is 'Two'.

I knew exactly which photo I was going to share but as I hunted for it I ended up spending hours looking through old photos of Cog and one of her friends. A friend she spent hours, days, weeks with. A friend that slept here at least once a week, came on holidays with us over and over. Cog went on holidays with her. They were BFFs. They were put into different halves of the year groups at high school but just about managed to hang onto the friendship for the first year, then it just petered out.

COG of course has a whole new friendship set, as does old friend and I guess neither of them are as unhappy about the sad end of what seemed like a great thing as I am. I guess it's just a natural part of growing up and going with the flow.

But I miss friend.
She was fun, caring and great company.
I know that she still is and I rather hope that their paths cross again at some point.

A lovely friendship. Funny how these things just pass, like the sands of time.


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