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>>  Tuesday, May 28, 2013

If you haven't ever visited RTFM and read the pace of life that it's owner lives at, then you should, it's a pace that makes me feel lazy.

But this bank holiday I feel that I have matched it.  In pace, if not in great excitement.

Saturday started early with a teen shopping trip to the closest retail park.  Finally I think we have the DofE kit list all ticked.  I has not been an easy ride.

I managed my first run for a few weeks as I've had something flu-y and have been dreadfully under the weather.

Flew from my run straight to Sainsburys still in sweaty lycra and muddy shoes.  If I go dressed up you can guarantee I won't see a soul I know, but when in sweat, mud and VPL there was a queue of people to be greeted.  Straight onto a full tank of diesel, shower and cook dinner and we were out to see the calendar girls.

A marvellous roller coaster of emotions of a show.

The next morning my friend and I went to a free pre-viewing of 'The Big Wedding'. Followed by lunch out it made the perfect start to a Sunday.

A couple of hours gentle gardening.  Which involved a good idea.

And a bad one. Don't ask!  But at least it gave me justification for hanging onto a plastic wheelbarrow for 10 years too many.

 Another run. A dreadful mistake in the heat and too soon after the last one. 

A lovely crafting session with COG to get some birthday presents ready, cooked dinner, ironing, a Sainsburys delivery, prepared a parcel for our sponsored girl in Mozambique.

4 hours of Sense and Sensibility - a lovely evening with COG - whilst HWMBO went to see Rush.

Monday started with an early long walk, avoiding the local car boot.
A lovely morning by the water.
Another shop for teen stuff event, a chai latte and a quiet hairdressers all to myself.

Finished off with a fishy meal by the water.

A very full, pleasant, long weekend.

I let another friend down this weekend by not going to visit him despite being asked several times, but it's been a while since HWMBO and I have spent so much time together, we do get on well when we actually see each other. Sometimes you've just got to invest some time into each other.


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