Youths being Youths

>>  Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This week's Gallery is 'Youth'.

The word youth has bad connotations when used to describe our young adults.  It drives me nuts how many people look at the teenagers today like they are all about to rob their houses. Yes, they may be a bit brash, sulky, hang aroundy but so many of them are great kids and they deserve to be treated with respect before you judge them just because of their age.

These thoughts reminded me of a set of pictures I posted many years ago. I'm going to share them again, I know most of you are old enough to have poor memories or polite enough not to moan about repetition!

Robbin' the fish

Playing on roof tops

Walking the streets
Fighting the locals


Hanging around.

One of my friends fostered 'youths' for many years. COG was so lucky to have the opportunity to go on a holiday with her family, friends and numerous foster family members.

She brought a lot away from that stay and none of it bad.  Great kids.


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