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>>  Friday, April 12, 2013

I happened to be flicking through the local paper a year ago and a very small article said there were 2000 trees being given away in our county and if you wanted some then ring a number.  I did.

Where our Brownie unit meets we are really lucky to have a huge private outdoor space.  A lovely lady looks after the area, there are lots of conker trees on the land but we agreed that it would be good to have some trees that gave produce.

We went for an eating apple, a cooking apple and a sweet chestnut.
Hard digging requires a Guider's other half and they dug admirably whilst our lovely lady sat at the back of the car and told us some of the history of the land.  It had been part of a factory sports and social club back in the 1800s. The band who's hall we meet in had been part of that but for a while it had to stop playing after so many of it's members had been killed in the 1st World War.  She told us about how the land had been tennis courts, a bowling green and even a car park at one point. The house to the side was lived in by the foreman and one had been a keen bandsman who reformed the band. It's now 120 years old.

She told us about these trees which were planted in 1953 for the Coronation.  They were chopped right back a few years ago but were now looking good again.

So we added our trees to the community history.
The Brownies all had a go at filling in. Stomping down the ground.

At hammering and watering.

The chestnut will grow very big. I mentioned to the Brownies that in 25 years time it could be fully grown.  They couldn't imagine being that old and it seems a life time away to them.

*blink* and they will be there.

Out of Brownie earshot a few of us wondered if we would still be around to see it fully grown.

I hope we can look after all of them well enough to at least taste their wares.


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