Chocolate, Chocolate everywhere and not a piece to eat.

>>  Sunday, February 24, 2013

Well Lent is upon us again.  As usual I have given up chocolate and alcohol.

I was expecting alcohol to be a breeze, I rarely drink these days and it gives me such a dreadful hangover if I have even one glass of wine so I usually don't think drinking is worth it. But now I know I can't have a drink, blimey I've fancied a glass of wine.  Funny old thing the way the mind works.

But chocolate, now I NEED chocolate and I NEED it daily.  So I'm really feeling this one big time.  I've always struggled with a chocolate free lent and failed in the past.  I take extra magnesium etc etc but my body needs it, it screams for it.  I am that chocolate addict.  So I guess Lent is good for me and so it should be.  It is important to refocus the mind in the lead up to Easter.

But how to manage the dreadful sweet food cravings: well,  I've nosed dived into frozen yogurt mainly. Copiously covered in golden syrup!  Obviously.

As luck would have it, as I was moping around the kitchen peering into cupboards in the vague hope that something chocolateless and caloriesless and yet totally satiating would jump out, this arrived. My house hasn't been so clean since last Lent!  If you want to see the true depths of my filth, look here.

When my first husband gave up smoking he was sitting on the sofa watching tv, suddenly he jumped up, fetched a saw and sawed down the stair's banisters.  He said he felt much better afterwards.  I'm hoping the steam cleaner will help me overcome similar 'I need chocolate' urges.   I am however, also recognising the need for one of these:

I have also decided my positive side of Lent is that I must either run or walk 3km every day.  I've become quite walk slack since the weather has been so bad.  Initially my intention was to use the slendertone everyday too, but that fell by the wayside after day 2.  Another big fat fail.  I seem to have a remarkable success rate in failure.

Still, it'll all seem better when the weather picks up....right?!


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