Broken Ripples

>>  Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sometimes I feel like every thing good I do, each good turn, each guide supported, each friend helped is like throwing a pebble into a still pool.  The ripples emanate out, each a show of happy, fulfilled, pleasant, good, every thing life should be.

Every time I drop a clanger, get annoyed, lose patience or even just argue a futile point on twitter it feels like a streaming river runs through my beautiful and precise ripples. The surface of the water becomes a busy mess.

It can take a long time for my surface to clear again before I see clearly the good that comes from the pebbles.  Sometimes I feel that my stream of clangers runs so fast the pool will never clear again.

Sometimes I see one thing and I feel like the world is an ok place to be really.

HWMBO used to come to 'help' me empty the dishwasher when he heard the cutlery tray being emptied, it used to be the last thing I took out.  It's now the first.  It works so much better than nagging.


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