What is that brown stuff?!

>>  Friday, January 25, 2013

 It's still pretty grim around here.

In more ways than one.  The canal has frozen over in a brown yukky pattern kind of way.

I threw some snow onto it to prove it is actually frozen brown yuk.  There was a big oil leak around here last March, I rang up about it many times but nothing happened.  I'm wondering if it is that or residue off the fields.

The animals are walking on water, this looks like swans to me....normal yes.

But this I think is a fox.  He was feeling very brave, or very hungry.

It's got to be cold living on the water right now.  As idyllic as it looks in the summer, I only have to think about those winter months to know it's not the life for me.  The slippy, sloped canal towpath is taking your life into your own hands at the moment.  I don't fancy doing it in the dark one jot.

But the snow is starting to melt, we are in for one heck of a flood as the canal overflow is already rushing out faster than I've ever seen it.
I walked for miles and miles on my own today.
Cold but beautiful.  Silent time for thinking.

What the hell was that brown stuff?!


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