Happy Families - The Transvestite Edition

>>  Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This week's Gallery is  'New'.

We have a new game.  I love the old ones don't you?  I used to play happy families at my Grandma's house.

Not a single women in it 'owns' the occupation.  The ladies are all 'wives of'.  I assume 'girlfriends' was a no, no when it was invented, so more WAS than WAGS.

But the game I have isn't totally backwards in coming forwards.  As we've played something has struck me more and more.
 The misses are in fact a Mr dressed as a miss.
 You can't argue with me here.
Even Mrs Hose looks a little suspect, but at least she is doing what a dutiful wife should: polishing her husband's helmet!


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